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What is the deal with wax melts?

As a through and through candle lover, I didn’t that anything else could replace the greatness of the candle. However, I have a friend who has recently launched her own wax melt company, and let me tell you, the scent game has well and truly changed.

Now, you might be thinking that there is not much of a difference when it comes to candles and wax melts. And you might not be wrong, however, you don’t need to worry about waste of wax. Which is something that always bothers me with my usual candles (yankee candle used to be my go to until they shut down the store in my town).

I would always have a fair bit of wax left to burn into a beautiful scent, however the wick would either disappear into the candle wax and I would lose out on burning my candle for longer. Or my wick would become to short to light it.

BUT, wax melts have throughly changed the game! All you need is a wax melt holder, a small tea light and some wax melts and you are ready to go. You might think that you need more than you would if you just bought some typical candles, however I feel that they are just so much more worth your money.

You can buy bags of tea lights for pennies these days, and you can also bag some pretty cute melt warmers at a small price too. These melt holders are easy to clean and obviously reusable.

Truly Scentful has such a large range of scents to choose from. There are LUSH inspired melts (snow fairy is on there!!), famous perfume scents and family favourites such as baby powder and lovey dovey soap.

Currently my favourites have to be parma violets (inspired by the well loved sweets) or the perfume inspired Angel (a melt smelling just like the Thierry Mugler fragrance, which the official candle sells for around £39 in John Lewis, when you can actually purchase the same smell starting at £1.20.

Overall, I would seriously recommend giving the Truly Scenful Facebook page a like, have a little nosey and I would love to hear which ones are your favourites! Let me know in the comment section below, which ones you like the most, what scents you would love to be able to buy!

All the love,

Rebecca x


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