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Adding some colour to your wardrobe…

Hello! I hope you’re all well, I have just got back from an amazing trip to Amsterdam. But before I talk about that, I thought I would talk about the scary prospect of adding colour into your outfits.

As a girl who only wore predominantly black around a year ago, I would have never have thought I would be parading around my town and going to work in bright pink trousers or a long line mustard coat, and yet, here I am.

Now, this doesn’t quite mean that my wardrobe is bursting with colour. But I have came a long way since this time last year when the most colour I ever injected into my outfits was a dark khaki skater dress.

I don’t mean to be bias when I say this, as I work for the company, but, Topshop is honestly KILLING it when it comes to this years SS17 statement colour pieces.

I never thought I would see the day that I would accessorise a plain outfit with a mustard coat with statement cuffs! But here we are, and I don’t regret a thing. In fact I am loving it.

I can definitely say that my personal style has throughly evolved throughout the past few months, I have become more daring when it comes to ‘clashing patterns’, colours and different styling techniques. This year, I have definitely learned how to dress myself, in the sense of wearing what I want and making sure that it fits my body type.

This ‘not being able to dress my body type’ was quite a common theme for me ever since I started getting more and more involved in fashion. I knew what patterns I liked and what clothes I didn’t like, however I just never felt that an outfit I would put together, looked right. Anyway, I am rambling! If you guys want a blog post about how to style clothes for your body type let me know in the comment section below.

Back to the pink trousers!

I am definitely a ZARA girl, I was absolutely in love with the smart and stylish suits they have recently got in, the colours so far I have seen are yellow, green and pink. These definitely caught my eye, however I was not about to spend around £70 for the jacket alone, as I knew I wouldn’t be wearing it that often to justify it.

However,I had a quick check for you guys and the jacket is in fact on sale here! And of course, so are the trousers too here.

I feel that even though the Topshop and Zara trousers are such a bright pink, I think they are a great way to introduce some summer colour into your wardrobe as they are so easily dressed up or dressed down, as you can see in these pictures.

Overall, for a girl who never ventured past black clothing, I feel like I have done pretty well integrating myself into the world of colourful clothes. Long may I let it continue!

Shop the pink trousers here

Shop the mustard coat here


p.s. These pictures are from my latest trip to Amsterdam, don’t worry there will be a post about what I got up to over there!


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  1. Hayley says:

    You speak to me, I would love to add colour to my wardrobe to be a bit more bold like you maybe I’ll figure it out one day

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