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’13 Reasons Why’ it’s important…

If you haven’t been on twitter, theorising in your group chats with you friends about this tv show or just down right binge watching in a blanket with snacks during this easter break- what are you doing?

This Netflix tv show had officially taken over not just my life, but peaked my interest and millions alike.

I’ll admit, I had heard of the book before watching the show, I knew the premise, yet I had never read it. So, I was expecting the unexpected in a sense. I knew that the show was not only going to touch on sensitive subjects, but dwell painfully so that reality would sink in even to those in the audience who perhaps wouldn’t be able to relate as easily to something that was being discovered by the main character Hannah.

In summary, with no spoilers, a new girl Hannah struggles with relationships in her high school life, she is humiliated, she is abused not just psychically but mentally and this leads up to her demise. Working up to her suicide, she records 13 tapes and each tape is dedicated to a reason/person, who pushed her one step forward to taking her life.

The thing I appreciate most about this show, it was running at 80mph and there was no shying away from breaking when it came to suicide, bullying,  self harm, depression and the topic of rape. The reason I admire this so much, these topics are something our society has to speak about yet we take the easy option and ignore it, as if it isn’t happening.

This show is facing that ignorance head on, pointing the finger and pushing the blame. It conveys just how overwhelming all the ‘little things’ can build up to the point that they are no longer manageable, which may seem ridiculous to some, but it explains why and just how people can easily feel so helpless.

It is a moving and thought provoking tv show that pulls you in from the very beginning, it sheds a light on all these ‘taboo’ topics which people are so scared to talk about in fear of being mocked. And because of this, I’m so glad this show is blowing up and becoming such a success.

All I will say is watch what you say, even if it isn’t so bad in your head, even if you want to look funny in front of your friends,  you know nothing about what else that person is going through. Help out and speak out!


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