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Top 10 Fashion Trends for Autumn Winter 2016


  1. Ankle BootsAnkle boots have been dominating the fashion trends throughout each season on the runway for the past year. These staple boots are varied in shape and style and they aren’t going anywhere any time soon. The boots can be to bring some colour and a story if paired with a light denim to create a simple yet completely different look or in fact bring a little bit of rock and roll to a usually girlie outfit.  

2. Frills/RufflesEver since Beyonce released her visual album Lemonade and was seen smashing up the town with her Hot Sauce baseball bat in her canary yellow ruffled Roberto Cavalli A/W17 dress, everyone has been dreaming of that dress or owning one just like it. Frills and Ruffles are the perfect way to add that little something extra to your outfit if you’re feeling that something is missing. Or to push your hidden fashionista out into the open just that little bit more.

3. Chokers- Long gone are the plain black velvet chokers. Instead, heavy statement chokers have swooped in and stolen the spotlight. The popularity of chokers has hit the runways with force, with its sleek ability to  finish off every look. It is no longer just a simple strip of black, but now it is all about the lace, luxury jewels and layering.

4. PinstripeThe pinstripe has always been a style that is a statement in the men’s fashion world, however this season the pattern has crossed over and is having a great affect on our autumn/winter wardrobes. The trend has made itself at home on the street style map around the world. It easily add that bit of sophistication to any outfit and also giving you a unique twist and change on just all black outfits.

5. VelvetVelvet has always been a hit or a huge miss with fashion. Yet this year the trend seems to be creeping in ever so slowly. The fabric began with the simple black velvet choker, but now the edgy fabric has been worming its way into our wardrobes, whether it is playsuits, cami shirts or even duster coats. Velvet is a trend that is giving our outfits that sleek, smooth and sultry feel without being too overpowering.

6. MulesThese shoes are the go to if you are aiming for a simple yet fresh different overall look. They have the ability to completely fashion an outfit with elegance and a slice of individual style sense. If you want to create a firm fashion statement without the pain of stilettos, mules are exactly what you have been looking for. This sandal has influenced the high street shops, with an online phenomenon being created over these shoes from the likes of ZARA and Topshop.

7. AthleisureAthletic leisurewear isn’t just for working out at the gym anymore. Instead it is now a fashion trend endorsed by all the A-list celebs. With even Beyonce releasing her own clothing brand purely based on creating not just outfits to exercise in but work out clothes to wear. This has to be the most comfortable trend that has ever graced any cat walk or shop floor. If you are planning on wearing these outfits anywhere but the gym- ensure you have accessorised the outfit.

8. MetallicThis trend is extremely fitting for the winter season coming up. It will keep you up to date and with this trend filling up your wardrobe you will be ready for the annual Christmas work night out in no time. A metallic skirt or shorts paired with a plain black or white tee with trainers or indeed heels. The possibilities this trend gives us are endless..

9. Colour block layeringColour blocking outfits has been a big trend for the past few years however the runway has seen a twist on the ‘aging’ trend. Layering those colour blocks. Long gone are the solid red shirts or trousers, instead the yellow shirt and dusty pink vests are in.

10. Statement jackets– Statement jackets do exactly what they says on the tin. If you have a plain and simple outfit planned, light denim and loose white tee, all you need to spruce up your outfit is a statement jacket and instantly you have upgraded your look with an edge, and made your outfit look much more thought-out and gives your overall look a bit of zest.  


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