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4 Ways to Better Yourself For The New Year!

Recently, through many friends and family contributing alike, it has come to my attention that me as a person overall, I, now apparently  exude confidence that no-one has ever really seen from me ever before.

Now for one, this is something completely new to me. I have yet to actually get my head around it, purely because I have never experienced this before.

Considering that if you know me personally, I am the most hermit-like person you have probably encountered, I enjoy my own company most days. Unless you’ve known me for a long time, I will be completely myself or maybe even a few glasses of wine, I am me.

Yet I somehow seem to have out grown the shyness, if that can even be done?

I’ve had a think and sat down and made a list of what I’ve changed about myself and decisions I’ve made to get to where I am with myself now! 1. MAKE THE TIME – You know exactly what I am talking about. You know you have time, you just say that you don’t. Don’t fill that time with excuses, use it. Do something productive but make it fun, do something that you really love, have a passion about. Draw for ten, practice your eyeliner, write down something, phone someone you love and tell them, express yourself for those minutes you have. Trust me, you feel overwhelmed by a sense of relief and happiness. You have taken some time, for yourself, enjoyed it and also used it to be productive and got something meaningful out of it. No-one is asking you to change the world in those ten minutes. But don’t waste them, they are precious.

2. LOOK AFTER YOURSELF- There is no point in doing anything if you’re running yourself into the ground and possibly deteriorating your mental health. Its not healthy, you already know this, just don’t do it. Nothing is worth stressing yourself physically about something. Nothing is worth worsening your mental health for. Make conscious decisions for yourself. Yes others, loved ones are important, but so are you. Don’t jeopardise yourself in anyway. Also moisturise your legs, like you say you will every night but you never do!

3. UNDENIABLY DON’T GIVE A SH*T – Life is so much easier this way, I wont be able to tell you enough how much my life changed for the positive once I stopped trying to impress people or make people like me. Imagine, not keeping yourself up at night overthinking about that one thing you said to that one person that could have screwed up your chances of them wanting to be your friend, who cares? Are you worse of in the long run? Chances are, you’re going to be absolutely fine. Don’t give a sh*t about the competition complex us millennials have. Stop thinking about that girl and wondering why she looked at you a certain way. Stop thinking that because of that, something is wrong with you and you need to change. Who cares? Not you. I don’t mean this point to come across as permission to be an ass or just plain ignorant but, I mean it in the sense of, if it doesn’t really matter- don’t bother. I have spent so much time and effort giving people time and chances when, at the end of the day, it was never reiterated.

4. LOVE YOURSELF, EVEN IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE WHAT YOUR TELLING YOURSELF. Here’s what to do. When you wake up in the mornings, walk straight up to your mirror and pick one part of yourself and convince yourself you love it. Even if you don’t actually believe it yet. One day you’ll wake up and not care so much about that one thing, convince yourself to love it because why shouldn’t you? If you do this then, from my experience, your self confidence is less penetrable. There is no harm or cockiness when it comes to really actually being happy with you, as a person, not just cosmetically. Why not love what you have? Who says you shouldn’t? It makes you feel good, so go for it.

Those are just a quick run through of what has helped me become happier and healthier for myself over the past few months. I hope they do the same for you. Oh and Happy New Year everyone!!

Rebecca x


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