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My Daily Skin Routine

If you don’t know me, then you won’t know just quite how bad my skin used to be with acne. Acne is never fun and eventually it got to the point I had to go to the doctors to try and help my skin, and after trying countless skin creams and tablets I decided to give it a go and try it without the help since none of it seemed to be working anyway.

First off: My skin currently isn’t completely clear nor does it have a natural glow but right now I’m extremely happy with it. My skin type is very much combination oily, if you aren’t this skin type I’m not sure just how helpful this may be..

Also, this took a lot of work to get myself into a fixed routine with my skin, so please be patient because it will eventually work if you keep looking after yourself and skin.

My skincare consists of two things really when you break it down: keeping my body healthy by drinking LOADS of water, staying hydrated not only makes you feel good but it really does help a lot! Also try and not eat too much junk food every day, again its just the same thing, watch whats going on in your body every day as it does affect you.

Now to the products, these are my ultimate favourites, my holy grail products, and I have used them both for a long long time and I’ve seen amazing results so I’m definitely continuing with them.

First up, BIORE Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser, sold at Boots for £4.99. This, obvious from the name, is a deep cleanse. I don’t try to remove any of my makeup before putting this on, I just rub it into a lather and rub it around my face and let it sit for a minute or two as you can really feel it working and breaking down the product on your face.

Usually if you just wanted a quick cleanse, this on its own would be enough but I always want to make sure I have got rid off every last bit of makeup off of my face before bed as I don’t want my pores clogged with makeup overnight.


So I go over and exfoliate my face with LUSH’s ‘Let The Good Times Roll’, sold in LUSH stores at cleanser £6.95 per 100g.  This just on its own smells amazing, it has hints of cinnamon and popcorn, the consistency is quite dry with is amazing to exfoliate the skin and double check all your makeup is gone, not only this but I have honestly never felt my skin so soft after using this! I love using this as I have oily skin and it really helps to keep that under control.

I then dry my face, remove my eye makeup separately with Garnier’s Micellar Cleansing Water, sold at Boots £3.00, and moisturise before bed. This routine is something that I promised myself I’d stick to because I wanted to see results in my skin and I really have and there’s no doubt that these products were part of this.

Hope this helps!

Rebecca x


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  1. It has a slight vinegar-y smell that doesn t bother me at all, but I thought I should note it for anyone with a sensitive nose, and though it s gentler on my skin, its results are brilliant.

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